• gamecore 0.6.0 rc1

    Kazhnuz 10 months ago 5 commits to 0.6.x since this release

    • Meta: Add proper crediting


    • actor2D: Make hitbox modifiable.

    • actor2D: Add multiple hitbox support.

    • assets: Add a way to get current relative frame

    • assets: Add more wrapper around animator functions in Sprite

    • world: Add more wrapper around sprite functions in BaseActor

    • assets: Add a new getCurrentAnimation function

    • world: Add a way to automatically load hitbox from a file

    • utils: Add basic table functions

    • camera: Add two new camera types: “middle” and “zoom”.

    • world: Add a fake 3D world, à la Zelda or BeatThemAll, complete with shadow support

    • examples: Test all player number and camera types

    • core.screen: Add a way to get coordinate and scale


    • world2D: Use a list for bodies (hitboxes, etc) and one other for actors

    • world2D: Make the hitbox an object, owned by the actor

    • actor: Rename all function related to YGravity to just *Gravity

    • world: Separate “queryRect()” into two functions

    • world: Make object creation more customizable by worlds

    • camera: Make mode configuration configurable

    • examples: Rename “movable” to “topdown”

    • camera: Brand new camera system based on canvases instead of just transforms

    • core: Activate vsync by default.

    • examples: Put together all assets.


    • world: Remove a forgotten camera debug function

    • examples: Add missing translations

    • camera: Fix onscreen coordinates by using new core.screen func

    • camera: Fix camera’s drawing in other resolution mode

    • world: Don’t draw unused sti objectlayer


    • actor: Remove all function related to XGravity

    • examples: Remove basic examples

    • libs: Remove

  • gamecore 0.5.1

    Kazhnuz 11 months ago 1 commits to 0.5.x since this release


    • examples: Add missing HUD example for one-player plateformer

    • world: Separate getting dimensions of the internal and advertised view.

    • world: use right camera internal coordinate

  • gamecore 0.5.0

    Kazhnuz 11 months ago 8 commits to 0.5.x since this release

    • Meta: Add a Code of Conduct

    • Meta: Add a Changelog


    • world: Add an activity system

    • assets: Add an activity system

    • example/plateformer: add a basic pause button

    • scene: Add functions to add stuf before and after update and draw()

    • actor: Add functions to add stuf before and after update and draw()

    • world/camera: Add support for Head-Up-Display

    • world: Support batching actor loading

    • world: Add Actor.creationID to keep the order in which actors have been created

    • world: Add Actor.depth to keep the order in which actors are drawn

    • menusystem; Add a way to deactivate assets and the world when activating the menu

    • world: Add a reset function

    • examples/plateform: Add a pause menu


    • world: automatize world integration in a scene

    • world: only visible actors are drawn


    • core.input: use the right argument in core.input:flushKeys()’s loop

    • scene: use core.input:flushKeys() in Scene:flushKeys() instead of core.input:flushSourceKeys()

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