416 Commits (master)

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  Kazhnuz ca721ec8ac feat(camera+map): add a way to add padding to map limits 3 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 9ea2d2ca40 feat(world): add a wrapper for maps new "getBox()" function 3 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 2da2ffd538 fix(game): replace love.filesystem.exists by utils.filesystem.exists 3 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 3e907b69d7 feat(core/input): extract virtualpads from the input controller 3 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 2e3fd587c0 chore: port every print to new debug mode 4 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 70d5fdfd8c chore: activate debug mode by default 4 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 4e9923b2ea feat(core): add a way to activate easily debug mode directly 4 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 543247e721 feat(core/debug): add log functions 4 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 88526282ea feat: add default gamesystem uses inside mainmenu 4 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz df274f9dd0 feat: add default gamesystem 4 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz e068acbc7b feat: add a basic gamesystem modules 4 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz d8c0e62190 chore(world): extract map module from the world module 4 weeks ago
  Kazhnuz 303b6a7184 meta: release 0.6.0 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 25e1257cf2 fix(meta): some changelog minor fixes 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 91d7284775 improvement(action3D): remove hitbox drawing) 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 215aed8684 feat(action3D): add player multiple hitboxes 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz dd15c329c8 fix(action3D): fix coin position 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz eb88c017ea feat(action3D): add collision between coin and player actors 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 54167f8a77 feat(action3D): add coin actor 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 1a5abfeaac feat(world): add a 3D gfx object 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 1d74beb263 improvement(action3D): make action3D wall objects consumes mapped-boxes 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 2ef5c01f47 feat(boxes): add sti-mapped boxes 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 7d65359230 feat(boxes): add a way to make basic boxes invisible 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 3e26d9a769 fix(boxes): make sure that the textured boxes doesn't have lines 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz cbebb16c46 feat(action3D): add box objects 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 107b75c3ed feat(assets): add box assets 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 56c64baba5 fix(boxes): make textured boxes available 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz eb751807f4 fix(boxes): correctly load textured boxes' textures 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz c53e91a564 feat(world3D): add a way to adapt y position from tiled 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 27773ad8d6 fix(world): don't draw unused objectlayers 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz b5be7e58a3 fix(plateformer): use the right path for plateformer example 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 93c4f5251d feat: add better credits 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 79f38a2585 improvement: update assets credits 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 7e91bf406d chore(examples): put together all assets. 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 90d0892b7e feat(boxes): add a textured box 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 4e366051c4 improvement(boxes): only use one texture for boxes instead of two 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz afbbf50539 improvement(action3D): add boxes 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz c04d9f3ba1 feat(world3D): allow creating collision from their top side 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 22c8617717 feat(examples): add a big fake3D map example 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 542f9c6bac improvement(core): activate vsync by default. 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 26ff29b8aa Merge branch 'fix-cameras' of game-projects/gamecore into master 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz a48308ae40 meta: update CHANGELOG 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 932ec26283 improvement(boxes): don't export as a texture the shadow canvas 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 79aff589b9 fix(camera): remove test reticule 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 2f7d313ab9 fix(camera): fix tearing and heavy pixelisation in zoom mode 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz f2cabff81c chore(camera): improve comments 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz f9a268a51a improvement(camera): make getViewsDimensions a wrapper around a camutil 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 7376d75aeb chore(camera): simplify view system 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 7ec715850c chore(camera): remove unused functions 1 month ago
  Kazhnuz 81dd584e11 improvement(camera): use a new canvas-based view system 1 month ago