441 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kazhnuz a83dceee80 feat(utils): add drawBorder function to utils 3 months ago
  Kazhnuz ad295bf9c9 feat(fonts): add filter info functions 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 84919719f8 feat(exemple): add a transition when a scene is selected 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 4b24579070 feat(scenes): handle scene transitions 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 8385a69636 feat(screen): add screen transitions 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz a1afa0821c feat(timer): add variable interpolation support via tween.lua 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 02bc52a49b feat(timer): add a switch system 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 8290fbb8d2 improvement(actors): use the new timers modules 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz ab3d9abf9f feat(modules): new Timers modules 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz eccaf77687 feat(example): add a respawn timer 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz e40ea3cfab feat(modules): make modules loadable directly from core object 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz c339129566 feat(screen): add scissoring functions 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 8e000dbc44 fix(input): improve key flushing 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 47c6bab698 fix(world): link the player to the right input source 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 8d524fb4db fix(input): fix a missing mention of "source" 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 077b1151f1 feat(world/cam): add a way to lock the camera 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 0fecc3a431 chore(actors/gfx): rework the gfx system to use animationEnded callback 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 60390ed1a7 feat(assets/animator): send the callback when the animation end 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz e6f0315a8c feat(actors): listen to animationEnded callback from sprite clones 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 76fb15f862 feat(assets/animator): handle sending callbacks when animation end 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz f61f529302 fix(assets/animator): make sure that pauseAtEnd works as intended 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 3a696ee58c fix(boxes/textured): use the right texture name 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz 77670d8ec0 fix(boxes): make sure that invisible f3D boxes are really invisibles 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz b5059e848a fix(world): propagate maptype variables to the parent 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz b167c45530 fix(world3D): use the right variable name for creationID 5 months ago
  Kazhnuz ca721ec8ac feat(camera+map): add a way to add padding to map limits 6 months ago
  Kazhnuz 9ea2d2ca40 feat(world): add a wrapper for maps new "getBox()" function 6 months ago
  Kazhnuz 2da2ffd538 fix(game): replace love.filesystem.exists by utils.filesystem.exists 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 3e907b69d7 feat(core/input): extract virtualpads from the input controller 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 2e3fd587c0 chore: port every print to new debug mode 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 70d5fdfd8c chore: activate debug mode by default 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 4e9923b2ea feat(core): add a way to activate easily debug mode directly 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 543247e721 feat(core/debug): add log functions 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 88526282ea feat: add default gamesystem uses inside mainmenu 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz df274f9dd0 feat: add default gamesystem 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz e068acbc7b feat: add a basic gamesystem modules 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz d8c0e62190 chore(world): extract map module from the world module 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 303b6a7184 meta: release 0.6.0 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 25e1257cf2 fix(meta): some changelog minor fixes 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 91d7284775 improvement(action3D): remove hitbox drawing) 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 215aed8684 feat(action3D): add player multiple hitboxes 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz dd15c329c8 fix(action3D): fix coin position 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz eb88c017ea feat(action3D): add collision between coin and player actors 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 54167f8a77 feat(action3D): add coin actor 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 1a5abfeaac feat(world): add a 3D gfx object 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 1d74beb263 improvement(action3D): make action3D wall objects consumes mapped-boxes 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 2ef5c01f47 feat(boxes): add sti-mapped boxes 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 7d65359230 feat(boxes): add a way to make basic boxes invisible 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz 3e26d9a769 fix(boxes): make sure that the textured boxes doesn't have lines 7 months ago
  Kazhnuz cbebb16c46 feat(action3D): add box objects 7 months ago